Pro Handle

Tubular Handle

Panel Ready

  • 24" width

  • With or without built-in water softener

  • Built-in water softener automatically adjusts the amount of salt used per wash to the hardness level of your water

  • Custom handles, Custom cabinetry, Custom interior configurations

  • 4 LED lights (sides and top)

  • 43 Spray Jets across three spray arms

  • 41 dB(A) operating level

  • Sleek control panel and floor status light

  • Adapts easily to differently shaped dishes and glasses with a height-adjustable middle rack and fold-down tines

  • Dries every type of dish, utensil, and pan thoroughly with a hot rinse and fan-assist

  • Marvel at the durability of the stainless steel interior, built for decades of use

  • Monitor cycle progress, even start a new cycle, remotely. Receive alerts when rinse aid is low with the Sub-Zero/Wolf Owners App

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